Python Charts

Python plotting and visualization demystified


I'm a data analyst and use visualization a lot in my day-to-day. In moving from R to Python as my statistical language of choice, I quickly came to the realization that the visualization landscape in Python is a different world compared to R where everyone just uses ggplot2.

But what started out as annoyance - should I use Matplotlib? Seaborn? Plotly? Bokeh? Altair?? - turned into a fun adventure of really getting to know the plethora of libraries available in Python, and what each one brings to the table.

Starting this blog helped me immensely in learning some of the inner workings of Python visualization, and it pushed me to try different libraries, techniques and methods. This blog is a document cataloging some of those, as well as my journey through the wild jungle of Python charts.

Hope you enjoy.


Last updated: Mar 13, 2019